Frontlit Flex Banner (Outdoor & Indoor)
260 gsm dan 280 gsm
3,2 & 2,2 meter


Good Quality
Weight 260g,280g,300g
Yarns: 200 x 300D
Threads: 18 x 12fd/inch
Glossy ;Good printable ; Ink dry quickly;
Max width 3.20m and Length 70M-80M


Brite Ink, adalah tinta berbasis Solvent yang kompatibel dengan berbagai merek mesin Digital Printing yang ada, dengan outdoor durability yang lama sekitar 2 tahun, sangat sesuai digunakan untuk keperluan banner, spanduk dan baliho baik indoor maupun outdoor karena dapat menyerap dengan sempurna pada hampir di berbagai bahn/ media seperti : frontlit/backlit flex banne, one way vision, vinyl sticker, luster, albatross, backlit film, kulit sintetis dll. Tinta Brite mempunyai karakter yang sangat cerah pada warna yang dihasilkan dan memiliki density yang baik.


Tinta Brite UV adalah tinta UV dengan rentang yang luas untuk penggunaan muti-pass dan dapat digunakan pada semua Large Format Digital Printer (Flatbed, Hybrid, dan Roll to Roll) untuk mencetak pada aplikasi atau media Rigid maupun Fleksible, dikembangkan untuk dapat digunakan pada Printheads seperti antara lain : Konica Minolta, Xaar, Ricoh, Seiko, Dimatix, Toshiba serta Kyocera.



Energy Elite is an advanced, no-bake thermal plate technology. It’s fully compatible with UV and metallic inks and eliminates the need for baking, saving you on space and energy. And it achieves runs up to 350,000 and in harsh environments up to 100,000 copies. Energy Elite plates work seamlessly with all leading 830 nm thermal CtP systems. And they use their own specific Energy Elite Improved developer, which ensures a long bath life, low chemistry consumption and clean processing.


Aiyinda Plate type. Positive-working thermal CTP plate. Coating. Double layer coating. Supports Agfa’s :Sublima 280 lpi. Supports FM screening.


Agfa THR200 Positive Thermal Replenisher. This is a replenisher which is designed for use with Energy Elite and Energy Elite Pro plates. THR200 is always combined with the dedicated developer THD200. It is designed to have minimal replenishment rates and it will give you a stable plate production


Agfa THD200 Positive Thermal Developer. It is a developer which is designed for use with Energy Elite and Energy Elite Pro plates. THD200 can be combined with the dedicated replenisher THR200. It gives you a wide processing latitude toward Energy Elite family plates.


Agfa Graphics is the world’s leading provider of films for the printing industry. It’s through this long standing experience that we have come to know your needs, and fine-tuned our products accordingly. Trusted technology from the Agfa experts. With Agfa’s film you do not only get top-quality technologies, you get the knowledge and experience of Agfa’s experts, to help you achieve the most from your solution.